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As long as we can love and respect we can enjoy the company of amazing horses who can bring us new places, both geograpically and in spirit.Each of our competing horses have been with us for a long time, enabling us to travel not just the kilometers of competitions, but also the journeys of their lives.Let us present to you theCompeting Eenhoorn Superstars

Every horse has a story, and every horse allows us to experience new things and build new memories. We are both proud and thankful to these stars, who've brought us joy and adventure, and who are now enjoying their well deserved retirement at The Eenhoorn farm, where they continue to bring us joy every day!Let us present to you theRetired Eenhoorn Superstars

Breeding horses is something Marly has been doing for a long time. She appreciates not only talent, but also real character which is something that can be found in every Eenhoorn Horse.The Eenhoorn Breeding program has brought forth some exeptional horses, and two of those are available at stud!Let us present to you theEenhoorn stallions at Stud



At Stud


Marly has bred several magnificent horses. But unfortunately, keeping them all is an impossible endeavour. Fortunately, she has been very wise and careful in choosing the horses' new owners. Find out which horses have moved away, but in our hearts are still part of our family:Sold horses

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